Barfi - A heartwarming tale about a dog that is visually impaired and lost.


She is a vision, isn't she?
Life is full of suprises if not miracles but Barfi was no less than a miracle in fact the biggest blessing of my life and our family.

It was November when my mother had returned from her visit to Pune. Along with her she had a bag full of dog food, chain, belt, toys, everything a little pup might need. Here was the catch, we didn’t have a dog! That's when she surprised us saying “Guess what !? your mama (maternal uncle) is helping us adopt a puppy from his friend. Her name is Laila.” I as a 10th grader then was filled to the brim with joy and could not contain my excitement.


The day Laila was supposed to be brought home they saw her sibling “Nora” a black fluff ball; only just the size of your forearm, beautiful dark blue eyes chewing on a container sitting silently in a corner. While the other dogs around her were on a rampage with the energy reflecting a newborn Rottweiler pup when enquired we got to know she was the only left to be adopted, Spontaneously we adopted her. I will always remember the day we got her home. There is one thing that made her standout a white triangular patch on her chest. She was a black dog with a white patch on chest with a majestic grace.

So we had not named her yet, but one day while we were out for dinner the discussion was in full swing and my mother came up with the name “BARFI”. We have grown together everyday ever since then. 

As every other morning while playing on the ground she just randomly ran towards a dog but couldn't control her speed and met with an accident. Unfortunately at that moment our house entrance door was closed so under the impact of a two wheeler falling over her she panicked and ran away from the home.

Nagpur at 48.9°c in the month of May 2020

Barfi - A story of lost dog

While we could figure out and try to catch her, she eloped from as far as we could see. One and half day of continuous search, shouting around, peeping under the cars, posting instagram stories, pasting around posters, doing rounds to police station we could finally see some light on the other side of the tunnel, In the last cctv footage we could see her running over to a college ground near by, we immediately started off. Reaching near the place, some locals informed me that there has been a black dog sitting in the college campus since yesterday. I entered the college grounds shouting around and there she was sitting in the corner extremely exhausted, high fever, paws torn off with hope to get back home. That was our moment my father and I just hugged her right away. 


Yayyy!!! We got her home 

Barfi - A story of a lost dog

It's been 4.5 years since the darkest day of our lives. Multiple treatments, change of doctors and  better treatment from some genuine ones by god's grace Barfi is healthy, proactive and back to doing mischiefs. But due to negligence by a doctor and no ophthalmologist in the city. Barfi has only 40% of vision. I’m so proud of her for the way she has adapted, making other senses super strong and getting intelligent, smart and naughtier. My love for her calls for names like Buso, Champa, Timki etc.

Chanchu!!! and there she is wagging tail right in front of me.

In Marathi we say “ती घरच चैतन्य आहे”.
Chaitanya which means उर्जा, उत्साह (energy, enthusiasm, strength of will). 

Barfi is an eternal part of our family and makes the world a better place to live.

So Barfi is “VISION IN BLACK”.

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