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Why HRBR Layout Pet Warehouse

We are known as the Bobs bar of the pet store

Why HRBR Layout Pet Warehouse

We are known as the Bobs bar of the pet store

We provide a neat, clean, warm environment for your best friend while we make sure they look great your best friend while we make sure they look great..

Unbeatable Discounts

Exclusive discounts on a wide range of pet products. We've got something for every pet's needs and preferences.

Hygiene & Trained Groomers

We provide a neat, clean, warm environment for your best friend while we make sure they look great.

Home delivery within 2 hours

We're committed to getting your pet's essentials to you within 2 hours anywhere in Bangalore, ensuring they never miss a meal, treat, or playtime.
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HRBR Layout

HRBR Layout Pet Parents Speak About Our store & grooming services

Karen Walma HRBR Layout

Very polite and nice human beings who understand our needs, deliver excellent service for grooming and great discounts for most of the products. Although my dog was not cooperative they handled him with so much care and love. Trust worthy!!!

Sumanta Ghosh HRBR Layout

Today my boy Whiskey had a wonderful experience with his grooming. The groomer and the other guys managing the store were very friendly and took good care of Whiskey while grooming. Grooming a Golden Retriever is indeed a hard job and requires a hell lot of effort which I felt was completely fulfilled by these guys. I would highly recommend this place for grooming and for a wide range of treats and other accessories they have stocked up. Prices are also very reasonable.
I hope you guys keep up the quality of the service like this throughout. Cheers!!

Sunitha Mary HRBR Layout

One of the best place for grooming. Highly satisfied and happy with the service. Highly recommended..!

Subbarao Lanka HRBR Layout

Great place for pet shopping and grooming. Got my terrier groomed here and they have done very professionally. Highly recommended this place for grooming and pet shopping..

Suma HM HRBR Layout

I loved the entire experience, from handling to grooming to service!

Ratna Yadav HRBR Layout

The best grooming service and good response staff is given the best discount please visit my friend and family love u pet warehouse.

Immanuel A HRBR Layout

Amazing experience, a very helpful, kind, skilled team. Clean grooming area
Overall great experience!!

Zoya Afreen HRBR Layout

Took my furry boy kukku for grooming, and their service is very satisfying, very hygienic. I would highly recommend Pet warehouse for grooming. Don't think twice to take your furry baby at pet warehouse. Kukku had great experience thank you!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding our pet store in Bangalore?

How often should I groom my dog or cat?

The frequency of grooming your dog or cat depends on factors like breed, coat type, and individual needs. Consult a professional groomer or veterinarian for expert advice on pet grooming. You can book grooming services online at Pet Warehouse. We are located at 4 locations near you now!

What does the grooming process involve?

The grooming process for dogs and cats involves brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, dental care, and sometimes haircuts or other specific procedures. If you're looking for affordable pet grooming services, including cat care, dog baths, and cat baths, you can book online with professional groomers. They offer services such as brushing, hair trimming, and nail trimming while prioritizing your pet's health and well-being.

Will my pet be sedated during grooming?

No, your pet will not be sedated during grooming.

Can grooming help with shedding?

Regular grooming, including brushing, can help reduce shedding in dogs and cats. By removing loose and dead hair, it can minimize the amount of hair shed around the house. To maintain your pet's health and manage shedding, you can book pet grooming online and use appropriate pet shampoos. Additionally, regular brushing as part of your pet care routine is beneficial.

How long does a grooming session usually take

The duration of a pet grooming session varies depending on factors like pet size, breed, services needed, and pet cooperation. On average, it can take 1 to 2.5 hours. Affordable pet grooming services, including dog haircuts and cat grooming, can be booked online with professional pet groomers at Pet Warehouse.