2023 – Top 5 Pets to Adopt in Bangalore (for Kids and Families)


Pet animals offer us unconditional love for a lifetime. These days, many Bangaloreans are adopting pets from animal rescue shelters. The reason is to give the rescued & abandoned souls a homely place to live in happiness and affection. This article - 2023 - Top 5 pets to adopt – focuses also on the top 5 dog breeds you can adopt in Bangalore. 

For pet adoption from animal rescue centers, the below-mentioned animals are considered a safe bet. You can re-offer them an opportunity to restore their happiness. The pet animals are –


1. Birds (parrots, parakeets, or love birds)

Indian pet birds

Please keep in mind that every abandoned/rescued bird may take time to warm up to you. These species need your daily attention. So if you are ready to shoulder the responsibilities, you can have a bird companion for a lifetime.

2. Cats

Indian pet cats

Very few can resist the charm of a fluffy feline. Do you have children or elders suffering from chronic illness? Then, you have to choose the perfect cat breed. You can get valuable advice from animal rescue centres.

3. Rabbits 

Do you want a pet who needs low-maintenance, little training, and low vaccination programs? Then go for bunnies.

4. Dogs 

Please note that we are focusing in this article on the top 5 dog breeds to adopt for kids and families in Bangalore.

a. Labrador retriever

Do you know that this breed has won accolades since 1991 for being the most popular breed among dogs (American Kennel Club)? This dog can bond with humans, other pet animals, and even dogs. Labrador retrievers can adapt to different situations with ease and, it is easy to train them. These qualities make them one of the 2023 – Top 5 pets to adopt in Bangalore or anywhere on the globe. 

b. Pugs

Do you want a pet you can adore at all times and with all family members? Then the best go-to-breed dog might be the pug. Also, they are quick learners. Also, the pug is just 7 to 8 kilograms in weight, and also does not need a huge space to live.

c. Shih-Tzu

This dog breed often wins awards at domestic competitions in bengaluru or international competitions. also known as lion it weighs to kg. this is the ideal pet if you reside an apartment do not have a large home space. they are extremely friendly with humans and other animals.

d. German Shepherd

Do you want to adopt a pet that can do many tasks? Then a German Shepherd fits the top order. Loyal to their Master and every member of the family, they can also serve as fierce guard dogs for your property. However, this dog breed has a high level of energy. It is mandatory to exercise them daily for 40 minutes.

e. Indie Dogs

Popularly known as Desi dogs, they can adapt to Indian climates. They are loyal to their masters and make excellent guard dogs. If you want to adopt a dog in Bangalore, that needs low maintenance, grooming, and few visits to the veterinary, then the Indie dogs are a safe bet. Yes, they also form excellent animal-human bonds with family elders and even kids.


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