Why should pups get all the AWWs?!


Most of us love these tiny li’ l pups and go gaga over the new-born. Wait a second and look at that poor old Tommy with the why-you-no-pamper-me-anymore look! Right from their huge old bodies to those clumsy walks and senile tantrums, everything about them is equally adorable. But did you know these seniors actually need extra care and special treatment as they have reached
the point where they become attention seekers and in fact the required attention is more than those tiny little pups. Now you must be wondering if my dog is old enough and I actually reached a stage where I have to read this article. If your dog has entered his eighth year of life or even more than that, then yes you should follow these basic steps to keep your dog fit, healthy and adorable forever.


Watch out for the signs

Is that jump of joy and excitement becoming just a lazy tail shake? Does he take long to respond when you call his name? Then those can be the signs of your elder one growing old. Try not to miss on those close signs of no clear vision or late reactions and laziness. The coats may also turn gray for some so that your indication to know that he needs that extra bit of care.


Go easy with the walking sessions

Change the schedule of his regular exercise to lighter ones. Too much of physical
activities will deteriorate their bone health. Excess of walking or running may cause bone-related problems like arthritis and makes it a living hell for the over-grown pet of yours. Bring it down to equally timed walking and proper massage that would help keeping those old bones sufficiently lubricated.


Stop pampering the oldie with a lot of food and treats

We love pamper our dogs with lots of food and treat them every now and then but keep a check when it comes to those seniors. Cut down their food habits to lighter ones and more rich in nutrients. Dogs tend to gain a lot of weight due to lack of exercise when they grow older and so try avoiding those fatty foods and keep it rich in antioxidants and omega3. Not to forget, make the treats more occasional. Remember, pampering the dog doesn’t necessarily mean giving it treats. Keeping a proper check at its food habits to keep it healthy is the right way to pamper.


Lazier than before? Nay, not an option!

Lots of hugs, games, and massages can bring back the zeal of your dog. The activity level of older dogs drastically reduces. They no more jump and squeal like the tiny ones. That lazy look of tiredness and that sleepy face will be not however be accepted anymore as excess of rest may cause them lose interest in life. So compassionate and happy hugs, loads of pampering is what those oldies need. Give them their second innings!


Nothing replaces timely check-ups.

Keeping him clean is the primary rule. Healthy teeth are a must. Regular checking of those furry ears and that beautiful coat is important. Keeping the dog as healthy as possible away from unnecessary pathogens and chemicals is highly recommended at this stage because their capacities to fight diseases and disorders might reduce noticeably. Periodical visits to the vet will spare the dog a lot of suffering because it is not going to complain of any pain and the diagnosis can’t happen until you visit the vet.


Every stage of your dog’s life involves different degrees of care and attention. If you have the right rapport with your dog, with just a little bit of attentive attitude and awareness you can intuitively understand what the dog needs or doesn’t need. Catering to the right nutritional, physical, and psychological needs of a growing dog is as important as pampering and nurturing the fragile pup. No wonder, every experience with a pet is unique! Keep petting! Keep going
awwwiee for the oldies too ;-)

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