How often can you give your dog a bath?


Did you just get the bath tub all prepped for your pooch and wondering how
often is right to give it a nice bath? All new dog owners bother themselves with
this question over and over again until they reach an answer that there is no
answer as such to this question. There are no hard and fast rules about the
frequency of your dog’s bath.

However, you could keep in mind some criteria based on which you can decide
how often your little pooch should get into the bathtub.


What breed your pooch is?

Your dog’s age, breed, thickness of fur or hair, the nature of its coat – are
all considerations that should cross your mind before deriving at the
frequency. Like human skin, canine skin also has some natural oils that
keep their skin protected from any unforeseen injuries and damages. Over
shampooing or washing can lead to depletion of those natural oils leaving
your dog’s skin flaky and dry. Every dog is unique and every bathing
session is unique in itself.

Frequency can range anywhere between once a week to once a year and
sometimes even once in an entire lifetime. Some dogs emit a
characteristic odour more than the rest of the dogs because of the varying
amounts of pheromone secretion that causes that odour. Depending on
that odour you can decide if it is time to wash your dog or not.


How comfortable your dog is?

Dog bath

Did you just do a whole lot of dog shopping starting from a portable tub
to water magnet towels to shampoo mixing bottles and you little fellow
refuses to stay still in the tub? It is quite a task if your dog is not very
comfortable with the idea of a bath. Of course, some just love that
gushing water and bubbly shampoo but that is not quite the same with all
dogs. If your dog stares at you with a petrified look or that “why-me?”
kind of a look spare it the horror if the bath is not that necessary.


How comfortable you are?

In spite of this maddening race of life, it is a wonder that you actually
read the whole article and decided to give your dog a bath. Who’s got all
that time these days? If weekend is the only time you breathe and if you
feel it is an extra task to give your dog a bath you could increase the
interval between its bath sessions unless you are specifically asked not to.
The natural oils and the skin’s defence mechanism are there to take care
of the skin’s hygiene for a while.


Your dog’s interests and lifestyle

If you find your pooch basking in the dirty puddle in the park and making
friends with other dogs that love being dirty, then you ought to regularise
its bath sessions to keep him and the house protected from new and
uninvited hosts. If you have a more easy and sober dog that behaves itself
then you have all the time in the world and that horrifying bath session
can wait.


Don’t forget the white coat ;-)

If your dog is suffering from some skin disease or if its skin requires
some extra attention and pampering as prescribed by your vet - never take
it for granted. Your vet knows the unspoken emotions of your dog better.
Also, it is always better to ask the vet about what kind of shampoos or
products are safe to be used for your pet’s skin. If you find this task time-
consuming and difficult for you to cater to the dog’s dermal needs there
are myriads of professional dog grooming centres where everything is
taken care of and that too at reasonable prices.
Understanding your dog’s skin and its needs is of utmost importance
before getting yourself down into the water. Some love to plunge into the
soothing water, some hate. Talk it out with your dog and decide if it
needs a bath once a week or if once in its entire life should do! If you are

now wondering what products to use, you can choose some from our
website before we run out of your dog’s favourite products ;-)

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